Geneza – ellipse LED lamp is a second lamp in a Geneza series. It is consisted of 80 high power light emitting diodes that can be dimmed if needed. They are placed in an ellipse shaped body/head and oriented downward. The “head” can be rotated and adjusted. High quality acrylic is used for manufacturing the elements. Highly durable and additionally polished surface can withstand toughest nails and scratches. Central switching   Read More ...

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Hotel light module is extruded aluminium profile with CFL square illumination source. Its dimensions, efficiency and simplicity imply that it can be used in any environment. The basic position of the lamp module is on the wall, nevertheless it can extensively be used for variety of applications. The surface is anodised aluminum or glossy white. Basicaly design is consisted of a frame, mounting platform and micro-lens diffusers. Dimensions of the   Read More ...

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